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CSUMB Makerspace

The Library Makerspace is a collaborative work environment on the third floor of the Tanimura & Antle Library, Room 3125. During Covid-19 conditions, the Makerspace is closed to visitors.

Art Contest Information

CAll to Current and Graduating Students

Theme: Create a piece of art work that is based on your lived experiences surrounding diversity, inclusion, equality, injustice, and social justice.



Helpful Resources: Art techniques

This list will help you get started, if you need specialized assistance feel free to reach out to Rachell Hester ( or Illiana Zambrano ( 

Basic Perspective Drawing : A Visual Approach by John Montague (2009, Trade  Paperback) for sale online | eBayBasic Perspective Drawing by John Montague

Drawing: How to Draw 1 (HT1) HT-1 (v. 1): Walter Foster: 9781560100119: BooksHow to Draw 1 by William Powell

Portfolio: Expressive Painting: Tips and techniques for practical  applications in watercolor, including color theory, color mixing, and  understanding color relationships - Kindle edition by Stoddard, Joseph.  Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @Portfolio: Expressive Painting by Joseph Stoddard

What Is Contemporary Art?: Smith, Terry: 9780226764313: BooksWhat is Contemporary art 


101 More Mixed Media Techniques: An exploration of the versatile world of mixed  media art: Doty, Cherril, Scott, Marsh, Greenwood, Heather, Moody, Monica:  9781633220539: Books101 more mixed media techniques

Playing with Image Transfers: Exploring Creative Imagery for Use in Art, Mixed  Media, and Design: Cerruti, Courtney: 9781592538560: BooksPlaying with image transfers: exploring creative imagery for use on art, mixed media and design

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What mediums are accepted for the art samples?


Art is fluid and there are various mediums. Thus all forms are accepted some examples/but not limited to the following: drawings, paintings, poetry, and media. 



How to Get Started

How to Tackle the Art Theme

Theme: Create a piece of art that is based on your lived experiences as a student at CSUMB surrounding diversity, inclusion, equality, injustice, and social justice

Step 1: Dissect the theme and break it down into part: 

Theme parts: 1. Lived experiences 

                        2. At CSUMB 

                        3. Surrounding diversity, inclusion, equality, injustice, and social justice

Step 2. Think of specific events that you have experienced here at CSUMB 

             Think about the impact of:  

                       Social Movements and Protests 


                       Building Friendships 

                       Connecting with peers, staff and Faculty 

Step 3: Write down words to describe those events 

Step 4: Select one or more concepts: diversity, inclusion, equality, injustice, or/and social justice

Step 5: Create a list of words that correlate with the concept you have selected and your experiences 

1. Use google images and see what images are generated based on your keywords

    a. This will help you generate ideas  

2. Feel free to reach out to Illiana Zambrano  or Rachell Hester to discuss your idea/concept 

Sample Art Proposal

Sample Art concept description: Concept: Inclusion-Finding my footing during my time as an undergrad

Art proposal: 

1. May depict a contrast between my first years as an undergrad feeling uneasy, cautious, apprehensive, unsure where I fitted in 

2. And later found my niche on campus part of the sports clubs, ethnic resource centers and the transfer community 

3. My art sample may look black and white onside and on the other side it may be really bright and colorful 

For example: Images I can use to help me design an original piece

              First years as an Undergrad                                                             Finding my niche