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HCOM 475

This library resource guide provides quick access to library databases and other resources you'll need to complete your capstone research or creative project.

Choosing Keywords

Choosing Databases

The library recommends the following databases for researching topics in the humanities:

Evaluating Potential Sources

Let's take a close look at the record and full text of an article from a humanities journal, and discuss some questions you might ask when evaluating the article's relevance to your project, including: 

  • What are the author's research questions?
  • What lenses and/or theoretical concepts does the author engage?
  • What conclusions does the author reach?
  • What further questions are raised in the course of addressing the initial research questions?

When you find information outside the context of the library, for example, from a Google search, what strategies do you use to decide if the information is reliable?

Citing Sources

Please be careful with automatic citation formatters! They can be useful for creating a rough draft of a citation, but they very often make mistakes. To check that an automatically-generated citation is correctly formatted, you can consult the library's citation guides.

The APA citation for the Vaughn 2018 article we looked at earlier was automatically formatted using the citation tool in OneSearch. Can you find any mistakes?

Getting Help

Please use the contact info in the upper left of this guide to reach out for help any time you need it. I will look forward to continuing to work with you, and I wish you all the best for an engaging and successful research endeavor!