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Resource Sharing at CSUMB

Receiving an item - Digitally

Most materials will be received in a few days, though the time varies from item to item.

Rare items can take longer to receive. 

Items received in Digital Format

Digital copies are made available from your library account-requests page.

To access your account,


Once you're logged in, click Requests to check on the status of requested items.

Digitized items like journal articles or book chapters can be downloaded to your device.


Articles received in a digital format are yours to keep.

It is best to download digitized items as soon as you have access. 

Receiving an item - Physically

Items received in Physical form (in your hands)

An email will be sent with a QR code and a six digit numerical code (Same information, different formats).

Your requested item can be picked up at the Library Lockers using the numerical code or QR code.

The Library Lockers are located outside the Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library building,

on the Divarty Street side. 

Address: 3054 Divarty Street, Seaside, CA 93955