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Physician Assistant Research Guide

Citing your Sources

AMA Style Guide

AMA (American Medical Association) Manual of Style: a guide for authors and editors. (CSUMB Reference Collection REF R119 .A533 2007)
AMA Manual of Style (AMA Manual's website)
Citing Medicine, 2nd Ed. (NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers)
New York Medical College Health Sciences Library AMA Guide
University of Washington AMA Style Guide

Automatic AMA Citation Generator

You can use the CINAHL or MEDLINE database to automatically generate AMA-styled citations.

Cooperative Learning Center

The Cooperative Learning Center (CLC) is located on the second floor of the library (room 2125) and engages a community of diverse learners in peer-to-peer collaboration to develop study skills, habits of mind, and knowledge essential for interdisciplinary learning. The CLC provides both virtual/online and in-person writing tutoring services. The Center is open for virtual and in-person visits.

Citation Managers

Synthesizing References