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MBA Library Guide

Internet search tips

Use PDFsGoogle screenshot

Adding filetype:pdf to an internet search retrieves longer-type documents such as articles and reports. 

Limit by dateTools and Any time options

Use Google and Bing's date limit feature to retrieve current information (e.g., Past Year). 

  • On Google result pages, click Tools, then choose from the drop-down menu labeled "Any time"
  • On Bing result pages, click on the drop-down menu labeled "Any time"

Limit to types of websitesBing screenshot

Use the site: search command to limit results to a type of website (e.g., site:gov). 

  • Works with Google and Bing
  • Useful website types are:
    • organizational (site:org) 
    • educational (site:edu)
    • governmental (site:gov)
  • Here's a sample search: