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Citation Managers


Citation management tools can help you to:

  • Stay organized as you gather research resources
  • Save time through automatically generating in-text citations and reference lists
  • Store your research resources in a secure, easily accessible place
  • Collaborate with others by sharing references and collaborate on projects 

What are citation managers?

What are Citation Managers?

Here is a four-minute video from Portland State University defining and demonstrating popular citation managers.

Free citation managers


A free citation management program that includes:

  • Desktop program
  • Browser Web Importer
  • Word processor plugin 
  • Online account with 2 GB of free storage
  • One free group account


A free, open-source citation management program that includes:

  • Desktop program
  • Browser Connector
  • Word processor plugin 
  • Online account with 300 MB of free storage
  • Free group accounts

Fee-based citation managers


  • Commercial fee-based program sold by Clarivate PLC
  • Student/faculty pricing

RefWorks RefWorks

  • A ProQuest commercial fee-based software program
  • Offers student/faculty pricing

Zotero vs Mendeley

Zotero versus Mendeley: Which one is best? 

From Canada's Wilfrid Laurier University Library, this video provides a short and concise overview of both tools and discusses the advantages of each. It is intended for people who are unsure which tool to use. 

Comparing citation managers