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Companies Research Guide

The basics

Is your company public or private?

  • You can find lots of information on public companies (businesses with shares traded on public exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange). Not so much on private companies. 

Identify the official name of your company

  • Make sure you know your company's full name — it makes for efficient searching. 


  • Is your company headquartered in the United States or is it located in another country?  Depending on the type of information your looking for, location can effect company research.

Company size matters

  • The smaller the company, especially private companies, the less information you'll probably find.  Inversely, people researching huge multinational corporations can be overwhelmed with too much information.  

Structure of your company

Ticker symbol

  • Searching by a public company's ticker symbol (if offered by a database) is often more accurate than searching by company name.