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CSUMB Makerspace

The Library Makerspace is a collaborative work environment on the third floor of the Tanimura & Antle Library, Room 3125.


What is the Makerspace?

  • A community space for students, staff, and faculty located inside the Library

What can I do in the Makerspace?

  • You can utilize materials, tools, and the workspace to create individual and/or group projects, learn new tools, ask for help with technology, or just hang out and destress

How do I use the Makerspace?

  • Email to request a visit for a tour, class visit, workshop, or group
  • Stop by during our open hours
  • Participate in a workshop
  • General access materials are available in the main room and other tools are available by request
  • Some equipment requires training and/or a student assistant or staff member to be present

Is the Makerspace free?

  • Yes, materials and tools are free to use while in the Makerspace (to continue providing this free service, you must utilize materials, tools or equipment in the Makerspace)
  • Limit projects to a reasonable amount of supplies - using what you need for your projects
  • Start your projects with materials from our scrap bins when possible
  • Return all partially used but still usable materials to the scrap bins or shelves where you found them

What is a reasonable amount of supplies? Think about your project (how big, what tools, how long will it take. what materials are needed, how many, etc) - now, could all 7,500 students on campus make this project with the available materials you can see in the Makerspace? 

  • If the answer is yes, then it is probably a reasonable use of materials
  • If the answer is no, then you should ask a Makerspace employee or modify your project
  • If you really want to make your project still - email to get some guidance

How do I get help in the Makerspace?

  • Student assistants and Makerspace staff are available to help 
  • Ask for help at the check in desk or ask anyone wearing a lab coat or apron

Can I sell what I make in the Makerspace?

  • No, for us to provide these materials to you for educational purposes - you are not allowed to sell anything

Can I keep things that I make in the Makerspace?

  • You are welcome to keep anything you make in the Makerspace or give your projects away as gifts

When can I use the 3D printer? (laser cutter, vinyl cutter, heat presses, sewing machines, etc.)

  • 3D printers and other tools are available by request and/or during workshops, check out this 3D printing quick guide to get you started with setting up a file or email any questions to 
  • Specialty equipment requires training and a trained student staff member to be present with enough additional staff to assist participants in the general access space