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CSUMB Makerspace

The Library Makerspace is a collaborative work environment on the third floor of the Tanimura & Antle Library, Room 3125.

Makerspace Projects

Mug with Makerspace vinyl logo attached

Makerspace Projects and Group Visits

Fiber and Textile Based Projects

Blue crochet, amigurumi, bear projectSeveral tie dyed shirts with vinyl heat press logo

This blue bear is an example of Amigurumi, a crochet technique that uses yarn and stitching patterns to create a character based on different shapes. The right T-shirts are examples using the vinyl cutter to cut the MB logo and then attach the vinyl logo to shirts using the heat presses. The tie-dye was done outside the Makerspace.

Small needle felted snail with glass eyesNeedle felted, mixed media bee ornament

The snail and bee are examples of needle felting. Needle felting uses wool roving and a needle with burrs in it. The needle is repeatedly used to pierce and condense the wool together until it is shaped into an object or character. There are many colors of wool available in the Makerspace. Safety training required. Needles available for check out at the check in desk. *Note - needles are very sharp - be careful and do not share tools, if you are injured please report to a staff member immediately, needles need to be disposed of in the Sharps container at the check in desk.

Mixed Media Projects

Cherry blossom and branch decal game controllerWood box with Red D & D dragon logo, LED lightPainted, CAD designed, 3D printed Light Saber

These projects include mixed media - stickers, decals, laser cutter, acrylic, wood, LED lights, circuits, 3D printing and CAD designs. The projects for display in the Makerspace are meant to inspire - and are by no means the only available options! Explore combining different materials, using different tools and technology, and always ask for help if you are not sure of the best way to proceed. 

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The Makerspace offers a variety of different materials for use during your visit. Most materials are provided in the Makerspace for FREE - use sustainable practices and only use what you need for the project. You may bring in your own materials but please check with a staff member first. 

Limited resources available please use sustainable practices and limit the time, materials, and tool use to a reasonable amount.

Stop Motion Project

This was a class group project made inside the Makerspace by CSUMB CART Majors:

Ash Aguilera
Stephany Barrera
Cennemi Diaz​

Melissa Wilson - Director of Photography and Editor

Groups, clubs, and classes have utilized the Makerspace - if you want to schedule a group visit of five or more participants please email: or check the groups and class visits information.

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