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Resource Sharing at CSUMB

Resource Sharing Video Guide

Step One - Get it for me from other libraries

You have opened up OneSearch and you type in your search term, which could be a title, a keyword, a search term, an author's name, a journal or book title. OneSearch has already searched all of the CSUs and can send your item request to be filled.

Click on "Get it for me from other libraries."

Decide if you want the physical item or just a chapter, then click 

Screenshot on request option in One Search.  Get a physical copy or Need a chapter.

Step Two - Searching with no successful results

Sometimes, your search results are not quite right. What do you do?

When the prompt appears "Sign in to get complete results and to request items" appears, please sign in with your Otter ID and password.

This allows OneSearch to show every possible result of your search terms.


Let's say you've seen everything and none of the results are appropriate.

When the prompt appears, "Didn't find what you were looking for?

Click here to expand your search," by all means click on the blue words "expand your search."



So, you still don't find what you need in the new results listed.

That's okay, because there's a new prompt.

This one is stating "Still didn't find what you need? Click here to send a request."



Clicking on this prompt takes you to a form you need to fill out with as much information as possible.

This form is affectionately known as the "Resource Sharing Request" form. 

Step Three - Filling out the Resource Request form


You may not know much about the item you are requesting, but if you would like the requested item to arrive as soon as possible, fill in the form as with what you know (don't hold back).

There are no mind readers working in the CSUMB Library, so we prefer your due diligence over our guessing. 


The form asks for the following information

Title * (must have or request does not work)
(Could be abbreviated or more than ten authors listed, fill this in)
Specific edition (check the box if you know it)
Edition (1st, 28th, etc.)
(A book has an International Standard Book Number, this
will help your request immensely. Usually starts with 0 or 978-)
(Sometimes the name is abbreviated or sometimes
there's more than one name. List them all)
Publication Year (DO NOT guess or give a decade)
(this helps if you are requesting a book from a series,
if you know it, list it)
Pickup Location
(options are pickup at CSUMB Library or mail the item to
you, only if you live 25 or more miles from the CSUMB
If you want the item as soon as possible,
choose to pick up at the CSUMB Library. 
Mailing address
(Your mailing address, if you live more
than 25 miles from CSUMB Library)

If you're not sure what is correct information, Ask a Librarian

email a CSUMB Librarian

call a CSUMB Librarian     (831) 582-3872

text a CSUMB Librarian   831-703-8105


Once you have filled out the form, click Send.

The CSUMB library's Resource Sharing department now has your request.

Please remember this make take a few days due to

  • item availability

  • the type of item you are requesting

  • how much information you have provided

  • we're all in this together

You are welcome to track the status of your request!

Log into your CSUMB Library account and click on the tab Requests.